Frequently asked questions

I look to make hiring great entertainment for your event as simple as possible! You will find a quick and fun three minute video showing you how to best prepare for the birthday party entertainment. Following the tips on this video will help make your event a success! Below you will also find some frequently asked questions you can read over to ensure I am right fit for your event!

Do you use animals in your show?
The reason being that I travel to many parties every weekend and keeping an animal in my car for over 12 hours a Day is not ideal. Instead we bring Lucy raccoon! A toy raccoon that has many tricks up her sleeve, this is the part of the show that kids and parents ask about every time they see me!

Can you make the birthday child levitate? How old do they have to be?
Yes! You can add this upgrade in my booking form for an additional fee, it adds a few minutes to the show and takes me a bit longer to set up. The child should be 5 and up and be able to stay still for a few minutes without wiggling.

How long is the magic show?
It’s around 45 minutes long. When ordering one of the packages I will usually take about 10 minutes to set up the show, this doesn’t take away from the show time and makes for a good time to sing happy birthday!

How many balloon animals can you make in an hour?
I can make 30+ balloons in an hour, this allows for a lot of kids to get ‘seconds’ when you have less than 20 kids (some balloons will pop and some kids will want something different the second time around)

How many kids can you paint in an hour?
Between 15-20. Maybe less since adding the sanitizing time. If you have more than 20 children I advise you to get balloons instead if you want to keep it under an hour.

Do you offer balloon decor as well?
Yes! I offer balloon columns, arches and organic garlands (those crazy ones you see on Pinterest) send me an email to discuss further.

I have more than 25 kids. What are my options?
You may pay per additional child, this will add time to the services to accommodate for the additional children. So everyone leaves with a balloon or face painting. Resulting in smiles all around.

What is your cancelation policy?
The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances, but you may reschedule to a later date depending on my availability. If you have to cancel I’ll do everything to find a date that works for the both of us!

Do I pay a deposit and how?
To book your event you pay $100 upfront as deposit and the remaining balance is due on the day of the event. A link will be sent to you via email to pay your deposit securely online. All major credit/debit cards are accepted.

What is the magic show like?
The magic show is a crazy, fun and interactive 45 minutes of laughs and surprises. It’s meant for young children and their families, you will only see one card trick throughout the show because card tricks are boring (except this one, that’s why it’s on the show)



Did you know?

Paul's school of magic is our sister company. We teach children confidence and communication skills by teaching them the art of magic.​ Is your child interested in learning? Add a magic lesson to your birthday party or sign them up to Magic School!